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Durable standards

High quality #1

Design & Comfort

Best fit with nicest designs

For everybody

From beginner to advanced


Physical selling points

Already available at several stores worldwide!



World coverage via several webshops!

No store in your neighborhood? No problem check our webshop partners! 

Our products are made and tested by professionals and champions.

Get champions involved to create the best products


It’s not for nothing that we include indigenous influences

Amazing designs
BAMM Fight Gear is working with the best designers to offer you the quality and designs you were looking for.
Quality development

We keep on developing with different materials to get you the best BAMM Fight Gear! 

Beginner to Advance

Everybody start as a beginner and we want to be your partner throughout your journey!

Being different

There are a number of brands, but with BAMM Fight Gear you will be a part of us! 

How we start...
Our designing process
Listening to our clients

Martial arts exists for a long time, but demands of fight gear remain changing. We listen to your demands to start with. 

Finding the best material

We always strive to get the best material out there. We are on top of any changes in the market to get you the best. 


Creating Fight Gear is like the sport, namely an art. We involve upcoming artists to create unique items. 

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